Invitation to Submit Proposals

Proposals are invited for the 17th (QoMEX 2025) and 18th  (QoMEX 2026) editions of the International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX). The primary goal of the conference is to bring together leading professionals and scientists in multimedia quality and user experience from around the world.
Prior events took place in Ghent, Lippstadt, Montreal, Athlone, Berlin, Sardinia, Erfurt, Lisbon, Costa Navorino, Singapore, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Yara Valley, Mechelen, Trondheim, and San Diego.

Proposers are requested to submit by October 15th, 2023, addressing the following aspects:

  • Content and format
  • Team
  • Scheduling, location and budget planning
  • Paper review process
  • Diversity & inclusion

Contact and info: and

Content and Format: Propose a clear format for the conference. The proponents are asked to suggest a three-day format. The format should combine focused theme topics with general topics of interest to the QoMEX audience, in addition to a social program.

Team: Propose an organizing and a technical program committee. The proponents are asked to provide a list of key organizing committee members. The organizing committee should be international and should have proven experience in organizing other international conferences and events. An initial list of a technical program committee from which reviewers will be drawn should also be proposed.

Scheduling, Location and Costs: Propose a detailed plan and budget. Proponents are encouraged to select a location that is easily accessible. The characteristics of the venue and associated costs should be included. In particular, a budget for a 50/75/100/125 person conference should be presented, as well as handling procedure for deficit/profit. The prepared budget needs to include an admin fee of 5% of the collected registration fees, or $30 per individual registration. A template can be provided upon request.

Paper Review: Propose solutions for the review process. A system wherein four or more primary reviewers for each paper can be handled should be proposed. The proposal should estimate how many reviewers will be needed and indicate how and how many additional good quality reviewers outside the technical program committee will be recruited. The proponents are expected to build a database of reliable and good-quality reviewers, which can be enhanced upon the previous years’ reviewers’ database.

Diversity & Inclusion: QoMEX is deeply committed to providing a respectful and inclusive environment for exchanging ideas and networking. Thus, propose solutions for diversity and inclusion.

Technical Sponsorship: QoMEX is typically sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society implemented as a technical co-sponsorship. It requires an explicit application process and further details can be provided by the Steering Committee Chairs. QUALINET is a technical sponsor by default and its name or/and logo shall be included in all communication of the conference (i.e., web site, call for papers, email, social media, conference program, etc.). The QUALINET sponsorship package can be obtained from the Chair of QUALINET: Prof. Touradj EBRAHIMI.

For additional questions or comments, please contact the Steering Committee Chairs.

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